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Turn your Arduino into an andiumNode!

The anduino shield for Arduino combines nearly $200 worth of components into one shield sized board for half the price. With the anduinoWiFi shield for Arduino you get... 

  • Atmel ATWINC1500 TLS/SSL Capable WiFi
    • Connect to HTTPS endpoints directly via SSL/TLS and interact with your favorite APIs.
    • 802.11b,g,n WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption.
    • Industry grade authentication and encryption in your prototype means less fuss when you're ready for phase 2.
  • 32KB of EEPROM Storage
    • Bring back the EEPROM! Arduino Due and Zero don't ship with onboard EEPROM.
    • Unlike the EEPROM you had on your Uno, you won't need to count write cycles anymore, this chip can handle more than 4 million before things get strange.
  • 1.8" Color LCD Display
    • ST7735 driven 160x128px
    • Bonus! Screen ships with an SD card reader.
  • NXP PN532 NFC 
    • uFL NFC Antenna included. 
    • 13.56MHz RFID
    • Library support for NDEF, Mifare Classic, and Ultralight Tags

Anduino works best on the 32-bit ARM flavors of Arduino(Due or Zero, not included), but it's familiar form factor allows you to give it a go on any hardware that supports the famous shield layout. Use it in your project and share how you did it on our project hub!

Looking to get a head start working with anduino? Head on over to our Wiki pages at the anduino GitHub repo. Flash an example sketch and start making!